Friday, December 10, 2010

Hurm. =']

YOU can keep talking THAT no others in your life
But you just can't open your eyes n see clearly. ='}
ALL you need is a FRIEND.
but what can I do? We're not like the PAST. =(
Wish the time could stop and give back the PAST. >w<

What I had wished is we stay longer until forever you want. =]
What you don't understand I'd do anything for you and us.
If our friendship has its own price, I'd give the world for it. ^^

Ya, you can smile, you can laugh, you can give all your cherish.
But me. Inside. It feels like a stab to my heart.
The word FRIENDS is getting disappear in my heart.
The word TRUST is getting hopeless.
The word LOVE is getting gone.
The sentence LIAR feels like you give it to me.

But sentence DON'T GIVE UP always bare in my mind. =']
Thats why I won't stop trying to heal your HEART and heal our FRIENDSHIP.


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